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    Exede is Redefining the Way You Think About Home Internet

    No more dial-up service. Toss that junk out the window along with the shoddy rural DSL. You deserve so much more when it comes to high-speed Internet service. Forget about what other Internet companies have been telling you when it comes to getting quality Internet in rural locations. You can have fast, reliable Internet service even at your remote area. It is as simply as looking up into the vast sky.

    Get Exede satellite Internet. With Exede, you have reliable and fast speeds all the time. You don't have to miss calls or rely on weak Internet signals from cell phone towers. Exede offers you great services by providing satellite Internet to your doorstep.

    State-of-the-art innovate satellite communications is beamed to your home from a ViaSat-1 satellite in space. This signal is picked up by a mini dish and modem placed onto your home. It is that simple.

    Look. Why deal with slow Internet just because you live in a rural location when there is something so much better available? Exede Internet offers incredible 12 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speeds. In some locations, you can even get a boost of 25 Mbps speeds. With such incredibly fast Internet services, you can browse web pages, interact on social media sites, watch videos, stream movies and download photos in seconds.

    As an authorized dealer of Exede services, let Orbimage provide you with a new way to look at your online entertainment. Consider Exede Internet for your entire household as you will never lose another internet connection or wait 7 minutes for a page to load up on your computer. So many customers are finally cutting the dial-up cord and tossing away the slow rural DSL when they sign up for Exede. Call us today to see for yourself what this incredible service can provide to you.

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