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Learn More About Exede Satellite Internet Services

How does it all work? Doesn't Internet services have to come through a dial-up line or WiFi communication from cell phone towers? No. In fact, you can receive fantastic Internet capabilities right in your home as it is beamed directly to your computer from a satellite in space.

That is the innovative satellite communications technology offered by Exede. The company relies on ViaSat-1, which is a communications satellite located in space. This satellite beams Exede Internet down to homes across the county that have signed up to receive this cutting edge high-speed Internet service.

How It All Works

The entire process starts when you select an Exede data plan service. A certified technician will then come to your home to offer free standard installation services as they will install the 30" mini dish, cables and modem in your home. Then the Exede equipment is connected to your computer and you are all set!

The moment you use the Internet service, data information is beamed from the mini dish up to the communications satellite and then to gateways located across North America. These gateways receive the data signal request and provides a connection to the Internet. Then the data signal information is sent back through the gateways to the satellite and to your computer through the mini dish as the entire process takes mere seconds.

Who is Orbimage?

Orbimage is an authorized Exede dealer located in your area. We help you get the cutting edge Exede technology, provide you with affordable Exede data packages and offer free standard installation services to your home. With our dedicated services combined with the awesome technology of Exede high-speed Internet, you will be able to enjoy your online browsing experience even more no matter where you live. Contact us today so we can set you up with this powerful Internet service.

How does our technology work?

Exede links your computer to the Internet with a high-speed connection through one of our high capacity satellites. A small 30 inch satellite dish, about the same size as a satellite TV dish, and an Exede modem are all you need. We provide the equipment and our nationwide team of certified professionals will install the service getting you connected in an instant. What's more is standard installation is FREE!* (available in select areas)


Here's a Diagram Showing How the Whole Thing Works

1. Your computer and the Exede modem.

You may connect your computer directly to the Exede modem with an Ethernet cable(included). Better yet, connect a wireless router to create your own local wireless network, enabling you to connect multiple computers, tablets, smart phones and other wireless devices to your Exede service.

2. The Exede dish.

Our dish receives signals from and transmits signals to the satellite. It's about the same size as satellite TV dishes, and can be mounted to the outside of your house, on the roof, or on a pole on your property. Standard installation is free.**

3. Exede satellites

Located in geostationary orbit 22,000 miles above the equator, our satellites provide an efficient, effective method to provide high speed Internet service to the U.S. using spot beam technology. The main purpose of the satellite is to relay signals from your home to our gateways, and back again.

4. Exede gateways

Our gateways are located throughout North America. The gateway receives the signal from the satellite and connects it to the Internet, and transmits the data from the Internet back up to the satellite.

5. The Internet

Everything on the Internet that's available via a wired connection is also available through Exede satellite Internet service. You will now be able to browse the web super fast, download music and movies, share photos and video chat with friends and family, and much, much more.