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Affordable Phone Service from Exede Has Arrived at Your Home

What is the one thing that you dislike about your phone service? if you said it's the expensive phone service that offers inferior call quality all because you live in a remote area of the United States, we have big news for you. Exede is offering people our innovative phone service that uses satellite communications to give clear and crisp reception at fantastic prices.

How does it work? If you already have Exede Internet, then it is simple to have Exede Voice added into your home because it will use your WiFi modem to provide you with phone service. This technique is called "Voice over Internet Protocol" (VoIP). Your phone service will use our satellite network to provide you with optimal call reception even when living in rural, exurb and suburb areas.

If you have a new Exede modem, all you have to do to get phone service is to purchase our service and hook up the phone base into the modem. If you have our older modem, we will send you a Voice Adapter that will be included into the services that we will provide to you. It is that simple to get clear, crisp phone reception as you can make local and long distance calls to all 50 states as well as calls to Canada.

If you need an extra incentive, we will offer you a $10 discount per month when you bundle in Exede Voice with your Exede Internet services. Have all the great satellite Internet data plans combined with fantastic phone services at a great low price as you only have to pay a single bill.

Also, the best part about Exede Voice is that even though you are using a VoIP to obtain phone services, it won't use up your Internet data allowance. You also still have access to all those phone features that you enjoy such as voicemail, call waiting and many others.

Don't wait another minute if you are struggling with making or receiving calls to your home. Get Exede Voice today. Never deal with shoddy phone service ever again.