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Enjoy Great Installation Services from Exede

Exede satellite Internet is made even better due to our convenient standard installation process. You never have to worry about installing any part of your Exede equipment package. We provide our certified service technician who will come to your home and set everything up free of charge.

Your Exede satellite Internet equipment consists of a mini satellite dish, cables, and a modem. When the technician arrives at your home, you or your designated person who is 18 years of age or older will speak with the technician about the installation service. The technician will do the rest as they will mount the dish to your home and connect everything to your computer. Then they will provide a brief demonstration on how to use the equipment.

On the rare occasions where you need custom installation services, the technician will speak with you about the rate charges for this special service. The technician will collect the charges after installation. Contact Exede for more information about custom installation.

One of the great things about Exede Internet services is that you can create a wireless home network for all your devices. If Exede WIFI is available in your area, we can offer you a modem with router capabilities that the technician will install for you. If our WIFI service is not available in your area and you want to install your own router, our technician will install the rest of the equipment as you can then install the router of your choice to your computer.

One of the great things about Exede Internet is that you can basically install it wherever you live. Yet be aware that you will need the permission of a property owner or property management company if you rent a home or condo. Also review HOA rules regarding the mounting of mini dishes to homes in your community.

Don't wait another second to get the amazing satellite Internet services from Exede for prices as low as $price. Let us help you have the best Internet experience for your home with the reliable and fast speeds that you will not be able to get from dial up or DSL connections. Call our customer service representative today to discuss the available data plans that you need based on your browsing and downloading preferences. Then set up an appointment so we can get your Internet service installed.