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Exede Proving That Speed Counts When Using the Internet

As a rural homeowner, you might have resigned yourself to the fact that you have to deal with slow Internet speeds because of your location. You've tried rural DSL and even 1st generation satellite Internet and experienced the slowest download speeds for documents, photos, music, and movies.

Before shrugging your shoulders and giving up, check out the incredible fast speeds offered by Exede. We offer download speeds of up to 25 Mbps with our Internet services, as this outperforms average DSL at 6 Mbps, rural DSL at 3 Mbps and 1st generation satellite Internet at 1 Mbps.

When you have Exede Internet, it only takes 0.32 seconds to download photos, 16 seconds to download movies, 4 seconds to download documents and 0 seconds to download music. Your rural DSL simply can't compare as it would take 8 seconds to download music, 2 minutes and 21 seconds to download movies, 2.67 seconds to download photos, and 37 seconds to download documents.

Even if you are able to obtain average DSL service or 1st generation satellite Internet, the download speeds simply can't compare to the innovative new technology offered by Exede. Average DSL download speeds are 18 seconds for documents, 1.33 seconds for photos, 4 seconds for music, and 1 minute and 10 seconds for movies. The 1st generation satellite Internet service is the slowest for all types with download speeds at 1 minute and 52 seconds for documents, 8 seconds for photos, 24 seconds for music and 7 minutes and 4 seconds for movies.

Such incredible fast download speeds offered by Exede Internet for rural customers is vital as you will be able to save money with your data plan. You can do more while using up less of your data allowance no matter how rural your location is across the country. Why pay more for slow speeds offered by rural DSL, average DSL or 1st generation satellite Internet when you can switch over to Exede Internet?

Call our representatives today and obtain the fast and reliable Internet service from Exede. You will never again have to deal with the high prices and slow speeds offered by the competitors.